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  • ISBN: 978-84-16500-80-2 Making a fanzine is an act of rebellion, even more so if it is published and produced by a woman. The grrrls of today use them to inspire countless young people around the world... Layout: 17 x 23 cm Pages: 144 Cover: Hardcover Preview

  • ISBN: 978-84-16500-42-0 Different design studies, combine geometry on surfaces, to decorate the interior of the home, the skin, or use as a corporate image of a company... Layout: 18 x 23 cm Pages: 192 Cover: Hardcover Preview

  • ISBN: 978-84-16500-41-3 We have looked at two particular chapters in the book, “Printed Advertising”, which presents a range of work produced for media such as magazines, newspapers, brochures, mailbox leaflets and mailing…, in short all types of advertising on paper, as well as “Outdoor Advertising”, in which public spaces are used to display messages...

  • ISBN: 978-84-15829-63-8 We have selected those campaigns that provoke a feeling in the viewer: They will make us laugh, think, enjoy... Layout: 15 x 19 cm Pages: 160 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • SOLD OUT ISBN 978-84-15829-10-2 Impact. This is key.Visual impact, emotional impact, environmental impact... print and large format advertising imply the need for impact. Layout: 21,2 X 25,2 cm Pages: 208 Cover: Softcover+flaps Preview

  • SOLD OUT ISBN: 978-84-15829-22-5 Fun, creativity, color, smiles... in these times of economic difficulties creative advertising agencies find it more difficult to entice the consumer to purchase their products. They are going through a time of change, and their best weapon is to use humor as a primary tool of their campaigns. Layout: 22 X 24 cmPages:...

  • SOLD OUT ISBN 978-84-96823-80-8 This is a book focusing on creativity, innovation and the search for new and original techniques applied to publicity, communications, marketing etc. Layout: 19,5 X 25 cm Pages: 192 Cover: Softcover + flaps

  • ISBN 978-84-96823-30-3 STUNNING ADVERTISING, is a hard-hitting book on publicity. Remembering such as the Benetton campaigns some years ago, a company which opted for publicity without taboos in which we were presented with images opposing aids, hunger, and racism... Layout: 19,5 X 24cm Pages: 192 Cover: Softcover+flaps

  • SOLD OUT ISBN 978-84-96823-77-8 More than 100 examples of big format structures, form billboards to adshels, containing some of the most creative outdoor and ambient campaigns from allover the world. Layout: 21,5 X 25,5cm Pages: 224 Cover: Softcover+flaps

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items