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  • SOLD OUT ISBN:978-84-15223-66-5 The pages of this amazing book brings together 100 artists and designers united for one cause, the fight against AIDS, customizing for the occasion a blank 8" Qee DIY Bear, with the result of a unique collection of Art Toys. Layout: 15 X 20 cm Pages: 208 Cover: Hardcover (Gloss laminate) Preview

  • ISBN 978-84-15829-09-6 Barcelona is a cultural model, with great potential for creativity and innovation, with its unique personality and a high value for graphic culture. Layout: 21,2 X 25,2 cm Pages: 208 Cover: Softcover+flaps Preview

  • SOLD OUT ISBN: 978-84-15829-71-3 Magic Bricks is the result of different works that offer a new approach and an even wider range of possibilities for those small and magical bricks... Layout: 21,5 X 25,5 cm Pages: 192 Cover: Softcover with flaps Preview

  • SOLD OUT ISBN 978-84-96823-33-4 Drink & Food Spaces introduces the latest projects from the greatest archotects and designers, inspiring designs which evoke of special moments and create highly commendable architectural environments. Layout: 19,5 X 24cm Pages: 256 Cover: Softcover

  • ISBN 978-84-15223-61-0 BARS! Architectural Hightech Bars & Clubs presents a hand-picked selection of the best, most fashionable bars and nightclubs around the world, a taste of the creations from today's high-flying designers and a talented up-and-coming breed... Layout: 24 X 29 cm Pages: 120 Cover: Hardcover Preview

  • SOLD OUT ISBN: 978-84-15223-99-3 The stores are sales space where the architectural gestural creation and the sales space confirm all their representation and fame. The concept is essential and, contrary to the large commercial department stores chains that globally multiply, these sales space and interaction become unique entities... Layout: 24 X 29...

  • ISBN 978-84-96823-24-2 Small Restaurants presents the latest work from great architects the world over. These cutting-edge and innovative designs are intended for small spaces... Layout: 19,5 x 24 cm Pages: 256 Cover: Hardcover

  • ISBN 978-84-15223-17-7 This book has been divided into three chapters: one covers facade finish materials, another on the idea of “double skins” and a third on interventions in a historic context. Layout: 21,5 x 25,5 cm Pages: 224 Cover: Softcover

  • ISBN 978-84-96823-88-4 Flashatnight is a fresh and unique title about the underground party culture scene from Madrid, Barcelona, London, Berlin, and some other European spots. Photos by Markus Rico Layout: 19,5 X 25cm Pages: 192 Cover: Softcover+flaps

  • ISBN 978-84-96823-34-1 Urban design has recently undergone a considerable transformation with a significant increase in the variety of resources employed by landscape architects and urban planners when it comes... Layout: 19,5 X 24 cm Pages: 256 Cover: Hard cover + jacket

  •  ISBN 978-84-96429-65-9 Ever since the appearance of the first lofts in Manhattan back in the fifties, the concep has changed and adapted to the latest trends in contemporary architecture and the needs of presentday life. Layout: 19,5 X 24cm Pages: 256 Cover: Softcover+flaps

  • ISBN 978-84-96096-95-0 This book does not aim to establish any bases for creative criteria, standards for presentations or be a concatenation of specific concepts; its pretension is much simpler yet one we believe to be effective... Layout: 21,5 x 25,5 cm Pages: 240 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • ISBN 84-96096-80-7 Layout: 24 X 29 cm Pages: 240 Cover: Hard cover + jacket

  • ISBN 978-84-96429-37-6 TYPO tries to go beyond a conventional book on typography and show a varied selection of projects pertaining to several creative fields like graphic design, fashion, sculpture, industrial design, and architecture, among others... Layout: 21,5 X 25,5cm Pages: 192 Cover: Softcover+flaps

  • ISBN 84-96096-77-7 Layout: 24 X 30 cm Pages: 240 Cover: Hard cover + jacket

  • ISBN: 978-84-15829-70-6 This book is a compilation of 15 different projects from 753 to 1076 ft2. Our intention is to illustrate a cross-section of compact residential urban architecture recently introduced in cities around the world. Layout: 18 x 23 cm Pages: 144 Cover: Hardcover Preview

  • ISBN: 978-84-15829-51-5 Children should have their own space in the house because it is where they spend most of their leisure, rest, study time, and where they develop their creativity... Layout: 15 X 20 cm Pages: 192 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • ISBN 978-84-15829-06-5 This book is only in Spanish language. Layout: 22 X 24 cm Pages: 128 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • ISBN 978-84-15223-37-5 In Menu Design, What’s for lunch? we come across all types of menus, in different shapes and sizes, those with relief, cut-outs, drawn on the wall or in pieces of wood. Layout: 22 X 24 cm Pages: 112 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • ISBN 84-96429-04-0 Layout: 13,5 X 18,5 cm Pages: 640 Cover: Softcover + flaps

  • SOLD OUT ISBN 84-96429-31-8 Pure design or something more? On the one hand we have clean, sensible designs that focus on form, materials, and color. On the other hand we have pure originality, blurring the line between artwork and industrial design. Layout: 21,5 X 25,5cm Pages: 256 Cover: Hard cover + jacket

  • ISBN 978-84-15223-26-9 CUTE ILLUSTRATION! This fantastic book of illustration today includes a recompilation of work from twenty-eight international renowned artists. Some of those featured are Yosuke-Uena, Fawn Gehweiler, Yumiko Kayukawa, Tado, Naoshi, Marcos Chin, etc. Layout: 15 X 21 cm Pages: 256 Cover: Hardcover Preview

  • ISBN: 978-84-15829-50-8 We present very different works of selected Manga reknown artists, among those we can find Ayame Shiroi, Pásztor Alexa, Inma Ruiz, Bénelo Nsé, Frederick Francis, Helena Ecija... Layout: 15 X 20 cm Pages: 192 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • SOLD OUT ISBN 978-84-15223-31-3 While the most common materials are vinyl and plastic, we also found pieces designed with paper, metal, wood, resin, fabrics and plush. The pages of this book bring together the work of nine toy artists and character designers of international level. Layout: 20,3 x 20,5 cm Pages: 96 Cover: Softcover Preview

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