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  • ISBN: 978-84-16500-78-9 From first touching down in the glass faceted airport to a wander through the textured gothic alleyways or a glance at the modernista architecture, you know you have landed in a city of art. Miró, Gaudí, Dalí and Picasso all spent time here, and as you meet the locals you discover that Barcelona is filled with architects,...

  • ISBN: 978-84-15829-95-9 Notebook to write down, draw and stick all those details and experiences which you'll find in this wonderful city!!! It includes a fabulous and funny illustrated map of Barcelona by Amaia Arrazola, and 24 sheets of patterns and one of stickers by Beatriz Vecino!! Are you ready to enjoy Barcelona? Preview

  • ISBN: 978-84-15829-96-6 Barcelona is a city brimming with art and design. To wander its streets and not find some marvelous detail it’s almost impossible. Layout:13 x 16,5 cm Pages: 192 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • ISBN 978-84-96823-55-6 An inspirational book. A visual tour of the city streets that are still used as “canvases” by important street artists. Layout: 13,5 X 19cm Pages: 352 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • ISBN 84-96429-11-3 Layout: 24,5 X 21,5cm Pages: 192 Cover: Hard cover

  • ISBN 978-84-96823-52-5 ... is the perfect book to remember all those graphic elements that no tourist guide contains: Art Nouveau facades, traffic signs, Shop signs, street furniture, doors, sidewalks, walls, popular street markets ... Let you inspire! Layout: 16 X 21cm Pages: 192 Cover: Softcover+flaps

  • SOLD OUT ISBN 978-84-15829-60-7 Throughout the pages of this book we will enjoy a stunning photo tour of the signs of its oldest stores: tailor shops, drugstores, perfumeries, corsetry's, cafés… Layout: 19 x 15 cm Pages: 160 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • ISBN:978-84-15829-59-1 Barcelona: a spectacular city that operates with catchwords and slogans, that sometimes portrays itself more as a store window than as a reality. Layout: 15 x 20 cm Pages: 272 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • ISBN: 978-84-15829-27-0 Since the 90’s Barcelona has been undergoing a complete makeover in terms of esthetics. The 1992 Olympic Games also brought an infinite number of constructions that transformed the capital of Modernism. Layout: 16 X 21 cm Pages: 216 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • ISBN 978-84-15223-21-4 ... unlike any tourist guide, all architectural elements are recalled to perfection in this book. We invite you to explore the architectural delights of Barcelona. Layout: 13,5 x 19cm Pages: 352 Cover: Softcover Preview

  • ISBN: 978-84-15829-94-2 Barcelona has the privilege of having a vast art gallery, open to its community and guests. A unique and tremendous museum presented to all who pass through its streets. When the city is asleep and life is on pause, we let a bit of poetry come into our lives. Layout: 19 x 19 cm Pages: 192 Cover: Hardcover Preview

  • ISBN 978-84-15829-09-6 Barcelona is a cultural model, with great potential for creativity and innovation, with its unique personality and a high value for graphic culture. Layout: 21,2 X 25,2 cm Pages: 208 Cover: Softcover+flaps Preview

  • ISBN: 978-84-15223-92-4 The new concept of urban art resists being caged within the walls of factories in outlying areas. Its motives are much broader than those of thirty years ago—we can speak of a new "renaissance" Layout: 16 X 12,8 cm Pages: 192 Cover: Paperback Preview

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items