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  • SOLD OUT We introduce 8 "Qee Bear DIY, world leader design, customization and art, the image and claim in the last Barcelona art fair SWAB.Have fun customizing your own 8 "Qee Bear DIY. Vinyl white toy, 25 cm size, with 3  acrylic paints included. You will be able to show all your imagination and wit with this fun toy.

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    ISBN:978-84-15223-66-5 The pages of this amazing book brings together 100 artists and designers united for one cause, the fight against AIDS, customizing for the occasion a blank 8" Qee DIY Bear, with the result of a unique collection of Art Toys. Layout: 15 X 20 cm Pages: 208 Cover: Hardcover (Gloss laminate) Preview

    9,95 € 15,95 €
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items